Dec 21, 2011

Aiken Survives a Scare

The Aiken Falcons basketball team was planning on a routine trip to Memphis to play in a holiday tournament event when they left on Wednesday morning. By the afternoon their plans had changed as the bus caught fire and burned down to it's frame two hours north of Memphis.

Fortunately everyone on board was able to quickly clear the bus safely and no one sustained any injuries but the event was still startling nonetheless.

What Aiken did lose in the fire was this- player shoes, some uniforms, warmups, players bags with their personal clothes, the team spending money, and other personal effects.

Being that is the giving season CPHR is asking anyone interested in helping the Aiken team with a small donation to replace their lost team apparel to email us at; from there we will handle communication between the donating party and Coach Leon Ellison.

The one bright note for Aiken is that they still will be able to participate in the tournament. Coach Ellison told CPHR that although details were changing by the minute but that Aiken will find a way to play this evening. "It's just more adversity, our kids are used to dealing with that. We're going to play this event, it teaches us life lessons," Ellioson told us.

Please join the Cincinnati basketball community in being thankful that everyone was ok and in trying to assist the team as they get back on their feet.

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