Jan 11, 2011

Mid-Season All-City Team:

Aaron Thomas, our POY, is
averaging 24.5 PPG

We're about half way through the '10-'11 regular season so let's take a look at who the top players have been so far. A lot of guys have put up great numbers this season, this is the best of the best. Hopefully the second half of the season is equally as exciting as the first!

   Mid-Season All-City Team:           01/11/2011                                                                                                   

   First Team:
   Aaron Thomas- Senior SG Withrow    *** Player of the Year ***       
   Jalen Billups- Senior PF Shroder
   Semaj Christon- Senior PG Winton Woods
   Brandon Neel- Senior SG LaSalle
   Adolphus Washington- Junior C Taft
Semaj Christon is averaging 19.1 PPG

Second Team:
Charlie Byers- Senior PG Moeller 
Mike Boyd- Senior PG Lakota East
Kevin Johnson- Sophomore PG Summit
Willy Moore- Junior SG Aiken
Devin Williams- Sophomore PF Withrow

Honorable Mention:
Alex Barlow- Senior SF Moeller
Orlando Berry Jr- Junior PG Taft
Adolphus Washington averages 15 points and 13 boards
Monty Boykins- Sophomore SG Lakota West
Paul Byrd- Senior PG Roger Bacon
Brian Carden- Senior PF Mason
Tony Davis- Senior C Wyoming
Trent Donald- Sophomore PF Woodward
Austin Grimes- Sophomore SF Aiken  
Josh Lemmons- Junior PG LaSalle
Geovonie McKnight- Junior SG Middletown
Kadeem Palmer- Senior PG Taft
Carl Porter- Senior SF Withrow
Greg Sevilla- Senior SF North College Hill
Keevin Tyus- Junior SF West High

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