Dec 20, 2010

CPHR's Christmas Present to the Readers

First I want to thank you guys for all of your support! With almost 7,000 views in exactly three weeks this has grown faster then I could have imagined, and that is all thanks to the basketball fans that check in here.

To all the players that have helped me with this whether it's giving me scores, stats, a heads up on a player, or anything else thank you for your selflessness and help.

Here is my slightly early Christmas present to you guys: The much anticipated updated and expanded rankings!

After listening to reader feedback the rankings did have some flaws, and I always planned on adding to them, these new ones I feel are a very strong and an accurate representation of Cincy's top talent. Am I still missing someone, ok, let me know.

Note: Congrats to Alex McGlothin, heard from a very reliable source that he will be back in less then a month, his return means that he claims his rightful spot in the top ten of the '11 rankings.

The rankings can be accessed by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,
Corey Albertson

Cincy Prep Hoops Report

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