Feb 29, 2012

Tuesday Sectional Semi Scores

Franklin freshman Luke Kennard
went for 30 points in a Wildcats win.

CPHR guaranteed more competitive action in the sectional semi's. How about a triple overtime game? We think that qualifies. Two underclassmen made their cases known loud and clear for being the state's top players in their respective classes as undefeated Franklin met up with a hard-nosed Dayton CJ team..... 
  • Franklin 78 Dayton Chaminade Julienne 75: The Wildcats won a triple overtime thriller that is without a doubt the greatest game that CPHR has covered in our two years of publishing. A star was born in Kettering's Trent Arena as freshman sensation Luke Kennard, a Franklin guard, took his game to a whole new level on Tuesday night. Kennard scored 33 points, including twelve after the end of regulation and all of the clutch points, to lift his team to a emotional victory. Kennard was simply unstoppable off the dribble and hit an assortment of acrobatic shots around the rim, while also grabbing 14 rebounds in the win. Not to be out done another star rose to the occasion as CJ sophomore guard Justin Bibbs went for 27 points of his own. The talented wing made a case for being the top sophomore in the Buckeye State as he hit tough pull-up jumpers with ease and showed great resiliency in front of college coaches from Cincinnati, Michigan, Cleveland State, and Northern Kentucky. When it was all said and done Kennard simply made too many key plays in the third extra period as the Wildcats advanced to Sunday's Sectional Final against Dayton Thurgood Marshall and kept their perfect season intact at 21-0. 
  • Winton Woods 59 Ross 58: The Rams had the ball with a chance to win at the buzzer but the Warriors defense held as Winton Woods survived a scare to advance to the sectional finals, where Middletown awaits them. 
  • Walnut Hills 54 West High 42: The Eagles handled the upset minded Mustangs, setting up a sectional final clash with the Princeton Vikings. 
  • Withrow 69 Milford 64: Devin Williams scored 23 points with 11 rebounds to help the Tigers escape, despite trailing with just over a minute to play. Junior guard Tim Coleman added 14 points for Withrow in the win. 
  • Princeton 62 Sycamore 53: The Vikings took care of business, setting up an exciting showdown in the sectional final with Walnut Hills. 
  • Mason 79 Mt. Healthy 43: Senior wing Darrin Harris scored 21 points in the Comets win. 
  • Middletown 61 St. Xavier 37: The 21 points of Geovonie McKnight and the 13 points with 15 rebounds of sophomore Vincent Edwards pushed the Middies past the Bombers. 
  • Aiken 69 Wilmington 49: Senior forward Paul Woodson led Aiken with 27 points and 15 rebounds. 
  • Franklin 43 Clark 36
  • Indian Hill 63 McNichols 52
  • Roger Bacon 60 Shroder 54
  • Summit 49 CHCA 26
  • North College Hill 92 Ripley 55
  • Finneytown 56 Reading 42
  • Madeira 60 Deer Park 49


  1. just for those of you who read my comments about Luke Kennard being named 2nd team and the Rossi twins being Honorable Mention and also to the clown who made the WEAK ASS comment about the SWBL. Point proven and scoreboard to me. Now after a great game the CATS have to play Thurgood Marshall in what should be a high scoring game.

  2. They will lose....he would never do that in the Cincinnati public school league....

  3. Many of these kids on this site are really over rated!!!!

  4. i love how people on this site dont know basketball. The Kennard kid is a top 25 recruit in the county and he also was the best player on his AAU team, which has won a national championship. Luke would thrive in the city league just because the kid is white does not mean he could not play in the CINCINNATI public league. CJ just dominated Meadowdale out of the DAYTON public league and He just put up 33 on them the kid can play at any level no matter if its the SWBL, GCL, or CITY league ball. Relax and just admit the kid is good and you will feel much better about yourself just something to pounder as you read this from the library.

  5. You don't know basketball!!aj Harris was the best player on his aau team period...it's not a white or black thing relax jack ass!!!!

  6. AJ Harris is a great point guard and possibly the best point guard in the state as a freshman. He is averaging over 8 Assists a game for Dunbar, most talented team in the state, but that does not make him the best player on Dunbar nor on his AAU team. If your comment was not about race you would not have used in the Cincinnati public school league which if i am not mistaken is over 90 black. Taft is an amazingly talented and gifted program and I cannot wait to watch Dunbar and Taft play. Sadly for the Dayton and Cincinnati area the 2 best teams in the state cannot play for the championship.

  7. To say Luke Kennard is over rated is absurd. Luke Kennard is by far the best Freshman in the State of Ohio and a top 10 freshman in the country. Luke would dominate in the city league just as much as he dominates in the SWBL. He dominates in AAU ball, he dominated in the Flying To The Hoop Tourney, and he's a big reason why this team is 21-0. I am not taking anything away from the other 4 players on the court with him because they can play with any league as well....2 other D-1 players, and a JR guard who can shoot amongst the best. Luke has won wherever he's been. To say he couldn't do that in the Cincinnati Public League school is an uneducated statement. The only thing Luke would do that the other top standouts in the Cincinnati Public League couldn't do is stay out of jail.

  8. Wow!!!so I guess that is a educated statement you just made!!!eat a dick white boy!!!ha ha ha

  9. There is a reason why Kennard is getting recruited by Michigan, Ohio State, Xavier, UD, West Virginia, UC. That reason is because the kid can play. It makes me sick to sit here and read all your posts about over rated, couldn't do it in the city league, etc (however the comment about prison is pretty funny). You have no justification as to why you think he's over rated. It can't be because he plays in the SWBL because he posts the same dominating numbers in big games (CJ, Springboro (D-1), Medina) and he's going to do it again against Thurgood Marshall. It doesn't matter what floor you put him on or what team he's on he is going to be dominate because he is that good. If you can play, you can play. Give the kid some credit....he's done more this year than most kids dream of doing in the 4 years of basketball. Know your facts or don't post.

  10. Man, there is some Jeremy Lin style hate going on in here. I don't get why some people have a hard time with a white kid being good in basketball. Saying things like "he couldn't do this in city league" reeks of racism. Thats like saying a black golfer won't last in the PGA (not emplying that Luke is the next Tiger of basketball). If his skin color (which makes ZERO difference in athletic ability...I have a PhD in Human Physiology BTW)was black, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Instead, you "city guys" would be going off on how good this kid truly is. Why do you guys make such a big deal about the color of ones skin? Why can't it simply be "hey, this freshman is pretty good" and leave it at that?

  11. Not that I am trying to prove this point over and over again, but has anyone taken a look at the ALL Southwest Ohio Division II team. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure Luke Kennard was named FIRST team and his team-mate Travis Lykins was named 2nd team and the Rossi brothers were both Honorable Mention. WOW its crazy for whom ever said I dont know basketball and Luke could not do that in the Cincinnati Public League. Oh and by the way AJ Amos was honorable mention. Thats right I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL. I wish people would just respect basketball for the game it is not the color of your skin. Now to talk about Washington for TAFT OMG what a beast of an athlete 5 star football palyer and SW Ohio basketball player of the year. I am sure there are not alot of kids who can claim that. The Buckeye defenitly got a star on the rise.