Feb 21, 2012

CPHR's All-City Selections

Even more difficult to choose then All-Conference teams are CPHR’s ’11-’12 All-City teams. This year we’ve expanded to having both a Division I team and a Division II-IV team, as we want to recognize great play from all the most deserving players. With the post-season beginning on Friday it is now time to announce our awards for top individual play in Cincinnati high school basketball….

Division I All-City Teams 

Josh Lemons- CPHR's Division I Player of the Year
First Team
·         Josh Lemons- ’12 LaSalle PG **Player of the Year**
·         Geovonie McKnight- ’12 Middletown PG/SG
·         Darrin Harris- ’12 Mason SF
·         Vincent Edwards- ’14 Middletown SF/PF 
·         Isaiah Johnson- ’13 Walnut Hills C

Second Team
·         Zach McCormick- ’14 Turpin PG/SG
·         Monty Boykins- ’13 Lakota West SG
·         Joshua Davenport- ’13 Moeller SG/SF
·         Trent Donald- ’13 Winton Woods SF/PF
·         Devin Williams- ’13 Withrow PF

Third Team
·         Deion Isham- ’12 Princeton PG
·         Tim Coleman- ’13 Withrow PG
·         Lionel “Bubba” Hill- ’12 West High PG
·         Kwan Cheatham- ’13 Winton Woods PF
·         Mike Van Kleunen- ’12 Mason PF

Honorable Mention: Ali Barnes (’13 Lakota West PG), De’arius Young (’12 Princeton C), Ben Galemmo (’12 Moeller SG), Sterling Gilmore (’13 Walnut Hills PG), Ramar Hairston (’13 Northwest SG), Jeff Woods (’12 Fairfield SG), Keon Benjamin (’12 Fairfield SF/PF), Jeff Larkin (’14 LaSalle PG/SG), Connor Speed (’13 LaSalle SG), Tony Sabato (’12 Moeller C), Max Mischkulnig (’12 Ross PF), Eric Hill (’12 Woodward SG), Ronnie Rousseau (’14 Winton Woods PG), Milt Davis (’13 Colerain SG), Zach McCorkle (’12 Winton Woods PF/C), JD Sprague (’12 Mason PG), Mitch Stevens (’12 Turpin PG), Tyler Williams (’14 Lakota West PG), Dorain Jordan (’13 Princeton PG), Keevin Tyus (’12 West High SG/SF), Tyler Jordan (’12 Withrow PF), Corey Wise (’13 Withrow SG)

Adolphus Washington- CPHR's
Division II-IV Player of the Year
Division II-IV All-City Teams

First Team
·         Adolphus Washington- ’12 Taft C **Player of the Year**
·         Kevin Johnson- ’13 Summit PG
·         Orlando Berry Jr- ’12 Taft PG 
·         Willie Moore- ’12 Aiken SG
·         Andrew Benintendi- ’13 Madeira SG

Second Team
·         Max Hassell- ’12 Clark PG
·         Angel Rivera- ’14 Hughes PG
·         Jacob Rossi- ’12 Franklin SF/PF
·         Paul Woodson- ’12 Aiken PF
·         Justin Rossi- ’12 Franklin PF

Honorable Mention: Antonio Woods (’14 Summit PG), Jamal Ivery (’12 North College Hill SG), Dontonio Wingfield Jr (’13 Lockland SG), Luke Kennard (’15 Franklin SG), Drew Hall (’12 McNicholas SF), Jalean Lowe (’12 Taft SG/SF), Ladell Griffin (’12 Shroder C), Holden Hertzel (’12 Summit C), Terry Cook (’13 Hughes SG), Deontez McGee (’12 Norwood SG), Austin Grimes (’13 Aiken SG), Kevin Daniels (’14 Hughes SG), Jermaine Freeman (’12 Taft SG), Dwayne Stanford (’12 Taft PF), Carlas Jackson (’14 Roger Bacon SG) 


  1. I am sorry but having Jacob and Justin Rossi on the second team and having Luke Kennard as honorable mention. WOW!!!!!!!!! The Rossi brothers will be lucky to make 2nd team all SWBL. Franklin went 11-10 last year with almost the same team. This year they add a talented freshman and go 20-0. Luke should be 2nd team on your ranking and the twins should be happy with honorable mention. They are talented but not the best play on their own team.

  2. SWBL..come on. Actually Luke, Justin, and Jacob should be honorable mentions. There's a plethora of talent in stonger conferences aka GMC etc that have outperformed them.

  3. GMC is Division 1...it's all about facts!

  4. Fuck this website.!!!!!

  5. Somebody is a little too angry...???

  6. Wow someone is angry and the best part is the idiot was not smart enough to realize when i made the comments about the Rossi brothers and Luke Kennard they are in the Division II-IV and the GMC is Division I.

  7. Devin Williams second team??first team all day!!!