Jan 5, 2012

Weekend Preview

·         North College Hill @ Lockland: In a battle for MVC bragging rights two of the top teams from CPHR’s DII-IV poll will battle it out. Does NCH have a defender who can physically matchup with the challenge that Lockland junior wing DJ Wingfield presents?
o   Prediction: NCH by just a couple.
·         Mason @ Lakota West: The Firebirds currently sit atop the GMC standings, with Middletown, as the only undefeated teams left in the league. Mason’s only league loss thus far has been to Middletown. On paper this looks like a guards vs posts game as West features mainly perimeter players, while Mason’s top two players are interior scorers. Whoever controls the pace of this game should win it; West cannot let Mason slow the game down and turn it into a low possession game.
o   Prediction: Mason wins a close game on the road.
·         St. Xavier @ Moeller: There’s always a circle on the calendar when these two teams meet. Unfortunately for St. X the Crusaders are ranked #2 in the CPHR poll and they themselves have fallen off the map. This represents a chance to get back on the right track; but it’s tough to envision beating Moeller on the road.
o   Prediction: Moeller big!
·         Fairfield @ Colerain
·         Hamilton @ Lakota East
·         Middletown @ Sycamore
·         Princeton @ Oak Hills
·         Anderson @ Milford
·         Aiken @ Woodward
·         Shroder @ Hughes
·         McNicholas @ Badin
·         LaSalle @ Elder
·         Roger Bacon @ Purcell Marian
·         St. Bernard @ Clark
·         CHCA @ Summit
·         Northwest @ Harrison
·         Kings @ Walnut Hills
·         Glen Este @ Turpin
·         Winton Woods @ Mt. Healthy

·         Woodward @ Lakota East
·         Moeller @ Hughes
·         Withrow @ Columbus Westerville North
·         Lakota West @ Elder


  1. I've been waiting for the north college hill@lockland game. I want to see Wingfield vs Ivery. I also want to see Kevin Johnson vs Jamal Ivery. Those both should be great match ups.

  2. Corey, it's a shame your just now starting to figure out who some of the top players are in 2014. I tried telling you about Jeff Larkin and daniel cage, Martin jones, mike Barwick and others but I guess you thought I didn't know what I was talking about. I've been watching these kids for over 10 years, you've been on the basketball circuit for a few years. You were still in high school when these kids were establishing themselves on the basketball scene. Let me also say that there's no way Roderick mills is the number one owner forward in 2014 I'm not going to mention who is but the only thing the top three power forwards you listed have is height. Don't get me wrong they can all play but not one of those kids have the toughness to be at the top of that list. Go back and look at the stats of X vs Fairfield and see how many points rebounds you top power forward had in that game in fact he's been non existent for most of the year. Many of the kids you have listed in your top 5's are not even major contributors on varsity . Some aren't even playing varsity but you have those kids ranked above kids who's start varsity and play against better players every game. How are you evaluating these players, if it's potential then say this kid will be on the top in 2012. But if your ranking them for now such as best sophomores then you have not a clue as to what your doing. I don't want to come off as a hater, I just wish you would give those who deserve the credit some recognition and stop ranking kids who are on JV over kids on varsity. You play the favorites game, and I hope scouts don't take this website into consideration when they recruit kids because it is bogus and bias.

  3. "Remember that our rankings are based on what we view as the best prospect, not the best current statistical player necessarily, and are the opinion solely of this website."

    Next time read the text before just clicking on rankings. No one cares what these kids did when they were in the 6th grade. You become a recruitable athlete per the NCAA when you hit the 9th grade, anything before that is irrelevant.

  4. Mills now a Miami Redhawk! He will do well there.