Feb 10, 2011

Weekend Preview:

Can Paul Byrd, and Roger Bacon, hand Moeller their first loss?

  • Roger Bacon @ Moeller: There are three teams left on Moeller's schedule with a chance to beat them, this is one (Middletown and LaSalle are the others) of them. Roger Bacon posted a very impressive road win over Alter earlier this week and seems to be finally finding their identity. When Paul Byrd, Jabriel Coaston, Gavin Schumann, and Jared Bryant are all scoring this team is a very tough one to beat; but there is no team that is more difficult to score on then Moeller.
    • Prediction: Moeller wins this game with their depth.
  • Withrow @ Taft: (Game will be played at Withrow) Re-match from earlier this season, when Taft broke it open in the second half to win by 14. Withrow has been up and down since then while Taft has really hit their stride. This seems like a game that Taft should win, by winning they would lock up another CMAC title, but with Aaron Thomas as an opponent no win is ever guaranteed.
    • Prediction: Another exciting and hard fought game. Taft wins again.
  • LaSalle @ Alter: This Alter team, led by sophomore point guard Jarron Simmons (who is already a major D1 recruiting target), is a very good team and wants to make up for Tuesday's home loss to Roger Bacon. LaSalle should win this game but in Dayton you never know what will happen.
    • Prediction: LaSalle gets the win but it's a close game.
  • Summit @ North College Hill: If Summit wins then they will win their division of the MVC outright, if North College Hill wins then the two will share the title.
    • Prediction: Summit sweeps NCH for the first time, Summit wins a close one.
  • Colerain @ Lakota East
  • Middletown @ Lakota West
  • Lockland @ Seven Hills
  • Mason @ Sycamore
  • Shroder @ Hughes
  • Aiken @ Woodward
  • Fairfield @ Oak Hills
  • Princeton @ Hamilton
  • Purcell Marian @ St. Xavier
  • Norwood @ Winton Woods
  • Elder @ Withrow
  • Jefferson @ Woodward
  • Lockland @ West High
  • Chaminade @ Roger Bacon

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