Aug 22, 2011

Five PG's Stand Out Early in 2014

Now that the dust has settled from a busy AAU and high school summer season CPHR has decided to label the class of '14, for now, as the year of the PG. It certainly appears to be the deepest position in what is shaping up to be a surprisingly good class (particularly at the top). Only time will tell which of these point men will develop into stars, but they certainly all have potential to one day earn D1 college scholarships for their craft. As we constantly re-evaluate it is becoming more and more difficult to determine who ranks where in this class; but for now, these are the five CPHR feels confident will stamp their names on the upcoming high school season....

  • Tyonte Robertson- 6'0 Withrow: Truth be told Tyonte did not get off to the start many thought he would in his HS career as he went through a roller coaster season at Aiken. With a fresh start at a new school and the opportunity to play with a close friend, '13 PF Devin Williams, Robertson appeared focused and confident in scrimmages with the 'Row. He is without question the most talented on this list with his tight handle, dynamic arsenal of moves, and ability to play the role of scorer or distributor. A top level competitor who is driven to win and succeed CPHR has watched Tyonte mature on and off the court where he is learning to control his emotions and play on an even keel. What also separates Robertson from the rest is his development physically where he has a strong build and exceptional quickness. We believe that he will step up and be an all league performer in the CMAC this year as he continues to hone his jumpshot and learn to let the plays come to him instead of forcing the issue.

  • Antonio Woods- 6'0 Summit: Not many players in Southwest Ohio enjoyed as successful of a freshman campaign as Woods; and he did so without hardly taking a shot. Woods started every game for Summit, leading them to the Regional Finals, and played the role of set up man to perfection. Playing along another elite guard talent in Kevin Johnson ('13) the cards are aligned for Woods to take Summit upstate for the first time ever this season. As pure of a PG as it gets Woods possesses a great handle and prefers simple and effective over the extraordinary when it comes to passing. Rarely do you see a freshman play the entire varsity game and not commit a turnover, but that became common practice for Woods last season. While he gets the label of being a traditional lead guard Woods is also capable of pushing the ball; he might be the fastest player on this list with the ball in his hands. His ability to shoot the ball and to add strength is improving steadily and he should enjoy another solid season at Summit where his name will emerge with Johnson's as an elite talent in the MVC.

  • Aaron Oden- 6'1 Taft: By far the toughest player on this list to project for the upcoming season as AO is entering uncharted waters. After starting every game last season at Hughes, and getting a good number of looks each game, he decided to transfer over to Taft where there is no denying that Orlando Berry Jr has that starting PG spot locked up. During last year's State Championship run Taft did start two PG's with Kadeem Palmer ('11) complimenting Berry. That could work very well again this season as Oden is more of a combo guard that likes to play the point. A talented scorer with range and penetrating ability Aaron just needs to understand how to slow down and pick his spots to become an elite guard in the CMAC. His athleticism sets him apart from those his age, and should help him get on the court at Taft where he can really help them in their full court defense. Whether or not Oden gets a ton of minutes at Taft is pure speculation but either way CPHR expects him to contribute nicely when called upon and make great strides with his game by practicing with Berry and a proven group of winners.

  • Ronnie Rousseau- 5'10 Winton Woods: Sink of swim? Those are Rousseau's only two choices this year as he will come up from the JV level and assume the reigns vacated by national top 50 recruit Semaj Christon ('12 Brewster Academy). Ronnie has all the tools to succeed; deadly speed in the open floor, deep range on his jumpshot, a burning desire to improve, steady handles, and great court vision; but he does have two major question marks in his lack of experience and lack of physicality. CPHR has no doubt that Rousseau is as talented as any player in the FAVC, and will one day be a spectacular player at Winton Woods, the question is can he answer the call and do it from day one? Rousseau held up great in summer league ball, and enjoyed the most successful AAU season of anyone on this list, and while that is totally different from the HS season CPHR believes it is an indicator that he is ready to be the man on varsity. The arrival of '13 PF Trent Donald should lighten the scoring load and with a core of young players Coach Gillespie should be able to find plenty of opportunities to use successes and failures as teaching points early.

  • Tyler Williams- 6'1 Lakota West: Sometimes you have to admit that your wrong; and CPHR is doing that right here, we slept on Tyler Williams late last season when he stepped up and rejuvenated a struggling West team. A big PG with a nicely developing jumpshot and a good understanding of the game Williams was a key component this spring/summer with his Shining Star's AAU team (where he played up two grades at the 17u level). That type of competition has prepared him to take another step forward this season as he will pair with fellow PG Ali Barnes ('13) and star SG Monty Boykins ('13) to try and elevate West to the next level. CPHR is still not 100% sure where he fits on this list and will have a close eye on Williams' development over the early parts of the season.

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