May 20, 2011

Geovonie McKnight Highlight Tape

Cincy Prep Hoops Report is proud to release it's first highlight tape. Middletown junior combo guard Geovonie McKnight might be the #1 player on CPHR's rankings; but due to location a lot of people still haven't gotten to see him play. Here's a quick glimpse of what G can do on the court:

After watching only Geovonie on tape for 5 games CPHR learned a few things about his game:
  1. He has serious court vision- many of the assists on here are truly spectacular passes.
  2. He is a great athlete- his body control to finish plays through contact at full speed is unmatched. It seemed like half of every game CPHR watched was him shooting free throws (with a lot of And 1's).
  3. He does so many little things- steals, rebounds, passing, scoring, Geovonie is Mr. Versatility.
  4. He is an intense competitor.

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