Nov 28, 2011

Updated Rankings

Monty Boykins of Lakota West
To celebrate the start of the new season CPHR has been working hard on our affiliate site, Triple Double Prospects, to make sure our rankings are as up to date as possible. Over the last month we have taken careful note as to who we believe has been improving the most. While several decisions were tough, particularly the '14 point guards (where the margins are razor thin between players), these are the rankings that we believe to be accurate.

The biggest change? A new name on top of the '13 SG list in Lakota West's Monty Boykins, who has been on a scoring rampage this fall every time CPHR has been in the gym. Here are the links to the new rankings, they can also be accessed by going to and or by clicking on the rankings on the tabs at the top of this page.

Editors Note: If you're a player, or family/friend of a player, who does not have a profile but is ranked on Triple Double Prospects (or if your simply missing a photo) please be patient. We are working feverishly on having profiles for everyone before tip-off on Friday night!


  1. Frost is better than Cloud. Pike never played QB at Reading. He was a TE/DE and average at that.

  2. Guards in '14 are such tough calls! Both Frost and Cloud have improved significantly. What I like just a little more about Cloud right now is his decision making. Frost is an excellent playmaker but can get a little too careless offensively.

  3. People pay attention to Angel Rivera PG from Hughes he's flying under the radar!!

  4. @Miller31 Love Angel's game! Have only seen him twice but his skill level is off the charts for his age.