Nov 27, 2011

2011-2012 Cincinnati HS Season Preview

The boy's high school basketball season starts in Cincinnati on Friday and no one is more excited then CPHR. Although we are only releasing our full "season preview" in our magazine (available at CPHR covered games or, more conveniently, here: Buy Magazine) we still wanted to give fans who are unable to get the magazine a quick preview of the winter. Here are our weekly power rankings, a new future that CPHR is extremely proud to introduce. We will release our rankings every Sunday and after the article they will stay in the box on the top left of this page. We also have included who we think will earn all-city honors going into the season, although that inevitably will change as much as team rankings. Thanks for reading and enjoy the beginning of the season!

Weekly Power Rankings

Division I
  1. WithrowThe city’s most talented team goes 9 deep without losing anything. Big man Devin Williams is dominant, especially alongside 6’10 Rozelle Nix. A talented group of guards led by Corey Wise, Tyonte Robertson, and Tim Coleman can really make plays. Keep an eye on senior forward Erron Nichols, a tough, versatile athlete and glue guy.
  2. Moeller- Returns 4 key players from a Regional Final team. Ben Galemmo, Josh Davenport, and Tony Sabato should handle most of the scoring while Alex Voss and Keith Watkins should play key roles on a team with great depth and leadership. 
  3.  Princeton- Most talented GMC team is deep and athletic under new coach Mike Anderson. Malcolm Smith, Dorian Jordan, Deion Isham, and “Tank” Young were all contributors next year. Junior forward Eric Tivis should have a breakout season.
  4. Middletown- Two superstars in Geovonie McKnight and Vincent Edwards lead an athletic team adapting to a new coach in Josh Andrews. Co-favorites in GMC.
  5. LaSalle- Reloaded from last year’s State Title they return PG Josh Lemons and have a well coached group of role players led by Jeff Larkin and Chris Rodriguez.
  6. Winton Woods- Might be young, only 1 varsity player returns, but a plethora of talented sophomores and transfer Trent Donald give them as talented a team as anyone. Watch out for junior forward Kwan Cheatham who could be the breakout player of the year.
  7.  Mason- Darrin Harris, Michael Van Kleunen, and JD Sprague give them a trio of weapons on a disciplined team that knows how to win ball games.
  8. Walnut Hills- Return 4 junior starters, post Isaiah Johnson is a load down low while little guards Sterling Gilmore, Ricardo Hill, and Kyree Burton are all talented weapons.
  9. Lakota East- Missing Mark Minch till January hurts but Stedman Lowry and Robbie Harpring can hold down the fort with a well disciplined, but young, supporting cast.
  10. St Xavier- The future is now for a young team led by sophomore forward Roderick Mills and a slew of talented and athletic juniors. Expect more of an up-tempo Bomber squad.
Just Missed: Colerain, Lakota West, Fairfield, Turpin, Northwest 

Division II-IV
  1.  Taft- All 10 varsity players are seniors, return 4 starters and a their high scoring 6th man from last year’s State Championship team. Adolphus Washington, Orlando Berry, Jalean Lowe, Dwayne Stanford, and Jermaine Freeman have been playing together for ten years and will be a tough out for opposing teams in their final year together.
  2. Aiken- Willie Moore and Austin Grimes return to carry the scoring load with transfer PF Paul Woodson holding down the middle on a talented team.
  3. Franklin- 6’8 twins Jacob and Justin Rossi lead the way with Ohio’s top freshman Luke Kennard running the point at 6’5. Tall under the radar team with great shooting ability.
  4.  Summit- Loss of Tommy Kreyenhagen to injury slows them down but Antonio Woods and Kevin Johnson are a dynamic backcourt.
  5. Shroder- Seniors Trey Dees, Randle Griffith, and Ladell Griffin all return from a Sectional Final team. They have great size, if they find some scoring they’ll be very good early.
  6. Lockland- Returns top 6 players including scoring threats DJ Wingfield and Dylan Wedlock off a District team from last season.
  7.  McNicholas- Drew Hall is a big time scorer, favorite to win the GCL Central.
  8. Roger Bacon- Reloaded with young talent and defensive intensity of Coach Neal.
  9. North College Hill- Young team led by senior PG Louis Walker.
  10. Indian Hill- Return three starters from last year and our favorites to win the CHL.
Just Missed: Hughes, Clark, Seven Hills, Finneytown, Wyoming, Maderia, Mariemont, Badin, Cincinnati Christian

Pre-Season All-City Team

·         Adolphus Washington- Senior C Taft
·         Willie Moore- Senior SG Aiken
·         Josh Lemons- Senior PG LaSalle
·         Orlando Berry Jr- Senior PG Taft
·         Geovonie McKnight- Senior PG/SG Middletown
·         Devin Williams- Junior PF Withrow
·         Vincent Edwards- Sophomore SF Middletown
·         Mark Minch- Senior SG/SF Lakota East **Will miss first half of season with injury**
·         Monty Boykins- Junior SG Lakota West
·         Isaiah Johnson- Junior C Walnut Hills
·         Zach McCormick- Sophomore PG/SG Turpin
·         Jacob Rossi- Senior SF/PF Franklin
·         Drew Hall- Senior SF McNicholas
·         Kevin Johnson- Junior PG Summit
·         Malcolm Smith- Senior SG Princeton
·         Darrin Harris- Senior SF Mason
·         Jalean Lowe- Senior SF Taft
·         Keevin Tyus- Senior SG/SF West High **Will mist first month of season with injury**
·         Trent Donald- Junior PF Winton Woods

Honorable Mention: Tyonte Robertson (Withrow PG), Dorian Jordan (Princeton PG), Ben Galemmo (Moeller SG), Tony Sabato (Moeller C), Bryan Porter (Colerain SG), Lionel Hill (West High PG), Sterling Gilmore (PG Walnut Hills), Dwayne Stanford (Taft PF), Jermaine Freeman (Taft SG), Paul Woodson (Aiken PF), Austin Grimes (Aiken SF), Luke Kennard (Franklin SG/SF), Justin Rossi (Franklin PF), Antonio Woods (Summit PG), DJ Wingfield (SG Lockland), Kevin Daniels (SG Hughes), Roderick Mills (St. Xavier SF), Rozelle Nix (Withrow C), Deontez McGee (SG Norwood), Ramar Hairston (Northwest SG), Kwan Cheatham (Winton Woods PF), Stedman Lowry (Lakota East SG), Chris Connell (Woodward C)

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  1. West High ? West High beat Winton Woods and Turpin this year in their scrimmages .

  2. I'm a huge fan of what West High is putting together this year. That being said they are not in the top ten pre-season for one reason; Keevin Tyus. If he were 100% they're a no brainer top ten team.

    That's great that they beat WW and Turpin in scrimmages but you can only take so much out of that for better or for worse. The ones that count on records start Friday.

    Statement game for West High on Saturday, if they keep it close with Taft they could easily slide in the rankings next Sunday.

  3. How come colerain is't in the top ten they are better than half of those teams

  4. Colerain is extremely talented but I currently am viewing them as a work in progress as they have so many new pieces. I'd be surprised if Colerain isn't ranked in the top ten in the next few weeks.

    Been very impressed with their pressure defense the two times that I saw them scrimmage.

  5. I had to chuckle a little bit when I saw Mariemont and Wyoming just outside the top ten?? Both Programs are going to be down this season, and certainly behind Finneytown(which could win the league again) which is no where to be found....

  6. Why is Lakota East even in the top 10 after losing all the players to graduation and foster to transfer, also now Minch to Injury, are they really deserving to be there, even after the beat-down they took from Moeller. Maybe when they get Minch back they can slide back up, but until then I can't see why? Please fill me in on this one....

  7. There's just something about Lakota East that I like. Maybe I'll be wrong and they'll tank until Minch gets back but I just have a feeling about them. We'll see........

  8. Wally Vickers and Jerry Doerger, what more do you need to say about Lakota East, that alone qualifies them for the top 10 if they have any talent at all.

  9. please explain how austin grimes or dorian jordan are on the honorable mention . these 2 are better than more than half the guys on this list. you guys are so bias that's why you guys rankings are so trash. and trust I'm certified to have my judgement.

  10. Not going to justify myself to a comment written with that tone but I'll say this if you look at it pre-season (let me say that again PRE-SEASON!!!) all-city team is very senior biased as I expect them to show out their last year.

    Thanks for reading my trash.

  11. Whoever mentioned Finneytown earlier you're absolutely right, they have been added to "just missed". Don't know how I forgot them!

  12. A big salute to everyone! Im from Puerto Rico and dont know much of the players that are in high school from cincy but let me tell you the kid from Hughes High PG Angel Rivera a sophmore is indeed something else, to me one of the best if not the best at his position for his age over here, the kid will amazed you with what he brings to the table every game. You are witness to the next JJ Barea and im not kidding, you will see!! His nickname overhere "comby"

  13. I read your comment out being senior biased but if you are a better player you are a better player. Austin Grimes in top ten in ohio as a junior. I respect everyone has their opinion but some of the guys you have in front of him are not nearly as skilled or talented. But I do enjoy your website and the service you provide for these kids i commend you for that sir. Just some constructive critisism.