Oct 9, 2011

Weekend Recap:

Queen City Superstars Fall Showcase
Standout Players
Malcolm Smith
  • Malcolm Smith- Princeton SG: Put on a scoring display Saturday as he was simply too much for his opponents off the dribble. Smith scored at the rim and showed his usual consistency from behind the arc. Several Division II college coaches commented on his improvement and believe that he is one of Ohio's top sleeper prospects in '12.
  • Orlando Berry- Taft PG: The little general has taken on a increased scoring load this fall, both at the showcase and at open gym at Taft. Berry is so explosive and fearless when attacking the rim but it is his understanding of how to use his body and ability to control himself through contact that lets him score over defenders a foot taller then him. Look for Orlando to really step up his scoring this season.
  • Josh Lemons- LaSalle PG: Looking at the improvements Josh Lemons has made since July the first thing that sticks out is his noticeable strength gain. College coaches consider him a scoring point guard and his added strength might intrigue teams that play a scoring PG with a traditional PG so that Lemons could potentially guard the other teams SG.
  • Rozelle Nix- Withrow C: For such a fast paced atmosphere Nix performed well this weekend. He has improved his finishing around the rim and did a good job of securing rebounds. While he is still developing as a low block player he is gaining a better understanding of taking his time on the catch and reading the defense before using his drop-step towards the baseline or middle.
  • Eric Tivis
    Jalean Lowe- Taft SF: While he wasn't as aggressive as he usually is Lowe played a really solid game on Saturday, only missing 1 shot attempt. He hit 3 three pointers and showed improved court vision. As Jalean's passing and handle continue to improve college coaches at the Division II level become more and more certain that he can play the SG spot at 6'4.
  • Floyd Lee- West High C: After missing last season, when he was at Aiken, CPHR had not seen Lee play in a while but came away impressed with his improved offensive skillset. Always known as a big athlete at 6'8 he not only made plays around the rim but shot the ball effectively as well.
  • Dajuan Bankhead- Hughes SF: Known as an athletic slasher who plays the undersized post Bankhead came out stroking the ball on Saturday. CPHR counted 6 three pointers made for DaJuan, several of which were contested pull-up jumpers. If Bankhead can consistently shoot the ball this season he will put up big numbers as he has the athleticism to get to the rim whenever he wants.
  • Keevin Tyus (injury update)- CPHR had a chance to speak with '12 West High wing Keevin Tyus (18 ppg last season as a junior) at the showcase. Tyus tore his ACL playing pickup ball in April but is ahead of the curve in his recovery process. Doctors have recently cleared Keevin to run, jump, and lift and he is expecting clearance to practice with the team by November 10th at the latest. CPHR wishes Keevin a continued successful recovery and an injury-free senior season.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson- Summit PG: After spending a lot of time this fall in the yoga classroom Johnson has added another step to his vertical ladder. KJ was able to make plays above the rim and, as usual, was able to get to the rim off crossover dribbles. While his shot still is a work in progress he did show more confidence in his stroke from the foul line.
  • Tim Coleman- Withrow PG: No one came out and shot the ball on Saturday as well as Coleman who hit at least 4 first half three pointers. CPHR knew that Coleman was a gifted scorer, the area the he impressed was with his passing ability. Traditionally a scoring PG who makes the simple pass Tim has now found ways to make his teammates better with his passing skills; something that should come in handy for his loaded Withrow team.
  • Dorian Jordan- Princeton PG: Speaking of making teammates better, no one makes their teammates look as good as Dorian. In transition he has such a keen understanding of speed and space that he can wait till the perfect time to deliver a pass to a cutting teammate. Jordan also is shooting the ball with a lot more confidence from deep, as he will need to do with opposing teams backing off him due to his quickness.
  • Eric Tivis- Princeton SF: A talented prospect that is a little under the radar, after missing last season, Tivis was the talk of the crowd on Saturday. He scored well over 20 points and impressed CPHR with his improving skill set. Tivis is long, athletic, and attacks the rim under control. His three point shot has improved and his handle is getting to the point that he will become a legit guard prospect. Could have a breakout year for the deep and talented Vikings.
  • Devin Williams- Withrow PF: No one at his age group could match Williams physicality down low and he took advantage of that late in games when his team needed points. Williams has been focusing on improving his range and adding explosiveness to his leaping ability and both showed well on Saturday. While his shot wasn't falling his release looked consistent and he was bouncing off the floor with confidence and power.
  • Zach McCormick
    Trent Donald- Winton Woods PF: Playing in his old HS gym Donald took advantage of familiar territory. What sticks out about Trent right now is his slimmed down physique which has added another level of quickness to him as he attacks defenders out of the high post. 
  • Joe Cossins- Anderson PF: All fall CPHR has been raving about the high motor that Cossins has been playing with and his improvement on the glass. Both of those traits were in full display on Saturday.
  • Bryan Porter- Colerain SG: When his three point shot is falling Porter is a tough cover, that was the case this weekend. Porter has the ability to play the PG, SG, or SF position with his handle and shot; while CPHR would like to see him improve his decision making/basketball IQ his skills are improving.
  • DeMarcus Cook- North College Hill PG: After missing last season the talented NCH combo guard came out and was very productive both penetrating into the paint and harassing ballhandlers with his strong frame and quick feet.

  • Zach McCormick- Turpin SG: The top performer in his division by far and away CPHR has noticed a change in McCormick's game that everyone noticed, this kid can jump! Zach threw down several dunks including a two handed alley-oop in traffic to bring the crowd to its feet. Scoring is always his specialty but CPHR came away impressed with McCormick's improved passing ability as well. He shows a nice understanding of how to use subtle fakes and patience to create lanes and he can fire bullet passes through tight spaces.
  • Tyonte Robertson- Withrow PG: The crowd showed up early on Saturday to see Robertson put his talent on display and he turned in a nice 16 point performance, with a few highlight behind the back assists to cap. While he did have a problem playing too fast, or maybe trying to do to much (part of that is due to the setting) Robertson was effective finishing around the rim; where he is too strong and quick for opponents in his age group to check him and he has an array of dribble moves to take advantage.
  • Tim Coleman
    Ronnie Rousseau- Winton Woods PG: It took him a little while to get going but Rousseau showed a glimpse Saturday of what CPHR had been expecting after such a dominant summer in AAU. Ronnie showed improved understanding of how to score over bigger defenders by using change of speed and direction, as well as a nice new step-back move, to create room to finish or shoot his pure jumper. 
  • Dwight Nared- Hughes C: Another surprise star in a day dominated by guards. Nared has really improved his mobility and that was put on display by a crowd-pleasing off the backboard alley-oop that he finished in transition over two defenders. While he still has work to do he is on of 2014's top sleeper prospects due to his size, athleticism, and high motor.
  • Aaron Harris- Dayton Meadowdale PG: An unknown player to CPHR before the event we came away very impressed with the skills of this speedy playmaker. Harris showed equal success in passing and scoring the basketball and competed harder then just about every player on the floor.
  • Kiere Bennie- Colerian PG: Athletic combo guard with good size is showing CPHR that he can really play. Still need to see more of him to get a great feel for his overall game but Bennie can really guard and he can break his man down off the dribble. He might be a jumper away from becoming a stud.
  • David Mitchell- Hughes PF: Athlete that is playing with a higher motor this year, while he is still making inexperience mistakes, those mistakes are easier to tolerate when he is covering as much ground as he has been on the court. Still possesses a world of talent and is working hard to harness it.
  • Myo Baxter
    Devyn Walker- Northwest SG: Scoring guard showed a much improved stroke from three point range. 

  • Myo Baxter- Lakota East SF/PF: Remember this name as Baxter looks like a freshman that could make a varsity impact sooner then later at East. A strong 6'4 frame with great quickness for his size Baxter has a really defined skill set for his age. He reminds CPHR a little bit of '13 Trent Donald with is array of moves and ballhandling ability with so much strength. What seperates Baxter from players his age is ability to handle the ball while under control and his court vision. CPHR is very excited to see more of Baxter over this season.
  • DeShaun Pickett (Hughes SF), Tyriq Johnson (Purcell Marian PF), and Jordan Bradley (Princeton PG) were three other freshman who impressed and CPHR will have them on the evaluation radar over the next few weeks to get a better feel for their promising games.

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