Jul 1, 2011

Aaron Thomas to Brewster Academy

Aaron Thomas

CPHR's #1 prospect from the class of '11, consistently mentioned as one of the top players in the country, will not be heading to Florida State University this fall. Instead, former Withrow SG Aaron Thomas will spend a year at Brewster Academy, in New Hampshire, one of the top prep school basketball programs in the country. Aaron will stay committed to FSU and hopes to go there in the fall of '12. During his year at Brewster Thomas will lead a team as talented as anyone in the country, and also have an opportunity away from distractions to focus in on a minor academic issue. Since he did graduate from Withrow HS, Thomas will use his year at Brewster as a post-grad year. A 6'5 wing with unlimited scoring abilities and great athleticism, Thomas should continue to enjoy a terrific future and career; where his year at Brewster will only help with that.

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  1. Looks like Semaj Chrison may be joining Thomas at Brewster. Can you say "LOADED"?