Apr 30, 2011

Top 50 Showcase- Day 1 Recap

There was plenty of talents to fill the courts at Hughes HS for the first day of action at CPHR and The Cincinnati Herald's Top 50 Spring Showcase. College coaches were intrigued by several senior prospects such as Kairo Cannon, who's motor never stopped as he made plays on both ends all day long, CJ Taylor, Ryan Glass, and more. At the younger ages we saw several standout performances from big guys Garrett Maybelen, Isaiah Johnson, Chris Connell, Devin Williams, Trent Donald and more; while guards like Tim Coleman, Kevin Johnson, Kenny Kauffman, Willy Moore, Corey Wise, and Monty Boykins all stood out.

The highlight of the day was the final game in which the much anticipated match-up of Aaron Thomas and Semaj Christon finally occurred. The game was an impromptu matchup of player selected teams and was a battle from start to finish, with Semaj's team getting the 82-80 win. When the dust had settled Thomas had 47 points and Christon 39. Both of these guys hit tough shot after tough shots and showed their competitive sides in the match-up. CPHR has full video of the game and highlights will be coming very soon!

Top Performers:

12th Grade-
  • Adam Gigax
    Aaron Thomas- Withrow SG                      
  • Semaj Christon- Winton Woods PG
  • Mike Boyd- Lakota East PG
  • Kairo Cannon- Shroder SF
  • CJ Taylor- Clark SG
  • Ryan Glass- Summit PF
  • Adimu Hunter Woodard- Seven Hills SG
11th Grade-
  • Willy Moore- Aiken SG
  • Rozelle Nix- Withrow C
  • Michael Van Kleunen- Mason PF
  • Chris Connell- Woodward PF
  • Darrell Bullock- West High PG
  • Malcolm Smith- Princeton SG
  • Alex Woelk- Mason SF
  • Kendall Beamon- Withrow PG
Grant Benzinger
10th Grade-           
  • Devin Williams- Withrow PF
  • Trent Donald- Woodward PF
  • Kevin Johnson- Summit PG
  • Corey Wise- Hamilton SG
  • Monty Boykins- Lakota West SG            
  • Edmond “Junior” Early- Thurgood PG
  • Isaiah Johnson- Walnut Hills C
  • Garrett Maybelen- Milford C
  • Mark Alstork- Thurgood SF
  • Deontae Bolling- St. Xavier SG
  • Tim Coleman- Withrow PG
  • Sterling Gilmore- Walnut Hills PG
  • Joe Cossins- Anderson PF
  • Kane Thompson- Colerain SG
  • Corey Wise
    Marquez Carpenter- West High PF
  • Cortez Adams- West High PF
  • Darius Hilson- Princeton SF
  • Trey Kilgore- St. Xavier SF
9th Grade-       
  • Kevin Daniels- Hughes SG
  • Trevon Hudson- Colerain SF
  • Ronnie Rousseau- Winton Woods PG
  • Martin Jones II- Winton Woods SF
  • Daniel Cage- Winton Woods PF
  • Kenny Kauffman- Taft SG
  • Adam Gigax- Moeller PF
  • Grant Benzinger- Moeller SF
  • Mike Barwick- Summit PF
  • David Mitchell- Hughes PF
  • Ahmad Frost- Wyoming PG
  • Bruce Williams- Georgetown PF
Junior High-

  • Isaiah Jones- Pleasant Ridge PG (8th Grade)
  • Rashard Shakir- St. Barts PG (7th Grade)
CPHR would like to thank the college coaches, we had over 20 of them in attendance, as well as the scouting services that attended day one of the Top 50 Spring Showcase.

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