Nov 30, 2010

Class of 2014 Player Rankings

The final player rankings for the pre-season are the freshman rankings. Admittedly, I have not seen every player in this class yet; but, this is a list of the known names out there. Keep an eye on this list because it will be getting updated often during the early part of the season as more players are noticed.

Lots of credit goes out to Coach Wyant, Coach Dressler, Coach Mark, and the departed Coach Daft for bringing in a great freshman class this year at Hughes.

Young Tyonte Robertson is ready to make
a name for himself in the CMAC this year
Unlike the '12 and '13 classes the freshman class does have a clear cut top player that we can kick the rankings off with...........

  1. Tyonte Robertson- 6'1 Aiken: Consensus top player in the state, great competitor who loves to be challenged, will be able impact the game as a freshman this year, a good athlete who has quickness and strength, streaky shooter with lots of moves to get to the rim, equally skilled at setting up teammates or finishing himself, great in transition, true talent to watch as he matures
  2. Blake Simpson- 6'4 PF Moeller: Lots of potential, can face up or post, rebounds well, nice athleticism and strength for his age. Physical player who demands double teams
  3. Antonio Woods- 5'11 PG Summit: Skilled with ball, very quick, plays like a senior, extremely good at pulling up from mid range, hard worker who comes from basketball family
  4. Aaron Oden- 6'1 SG Hughes: Slasher who can shoot and is a good athlete, ready to play varsity right now, good size for a young combo guard
  5. David Mitchell- 6'4 SF Hughes: Scorer that finds ways to make plays, good glue guy
  6. Alex Gigax- 6'5 PF Moeller: Shooter who is going to be closely watched prospect
  7. Vincent Edwards- 6'4 PF Middletown:Highly thought of prospect with good potential because of athleticism and knack for making plays all over the court
  8. Kevin Daniels- 6'1 SG Hughes: Very talented wing, a good athlete to keep an eye on
  9. Trey Hudson- 6'2 SF Colerain: Dominant athleticism and strength combined with a competitive spirit make him a solid player. Ready to contribute on varsity right away
  10. Kenny Kaufman- 5'8 PG Taft: Tough guard with great energy, quick with a mean crossover, can really stroke the deep ball when he's feeling it
  11. Dwight Nored- 6'5 C Hughes: Another talented freshman for the Big Red, very raw but athletic and long player
  12. Mike Barwick- 6'1 PF Summit: Undersized big that is extremely strong and physical

    Again, there are plenty of freshman to be seen in the city and this list will be changing soon. Keep checking back as Cincy Prep Hoops Report keeps bringing you all the new player and team information in Greater Cincinnati HS ball.

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