Nov 30, 2010

Class of 2013 Player Rankings

Next up is the sophomore class. Coaches have been saying for some time that is going to be one of the best classes to ever come through the Queen City. Rankings were very tough to finish for this class. Here is what everyone has been waiting for; and just like before if you don't like your ranking then do something about it on the court!
Josh Davenport- Running with the varsity
this year up at Moeller. Should be a great year

  1. Joshua Davenport- 6'4 SF Moeller: Unlimited potential as a scorer who can slash and shoot. Really good athleticism combined with length, just keeps on improving, developing a killer intensity
  2. Devin Williams- 6'7 PF Withrow: Strong post man with an array of moves on and off the block, getting better by the day, relentless worker, will not be out competed, great potential. Starting to get more lift and as he combines that with ball skills Devin will be unstoppable
  3. Kevin Johnson Jr.- 6'2 PG Summit:Athletic scoring guard that is really improving, extremely coachable, has become a very good shooter, can really make plays in the full court with his change of speed moves. Very good on ball defender, should have a breakout year.
  4. Austin Grimes- 6'2 SG Aiken: Tough minded and intense player, strong penetrating wing who is getting better with his other skills particularly shooting, improving confidence, very good rebounder for a wing, body and skills make him a versatile prospect
  5. Dontonio Wingfield Jr.- 6'4 SG Lockland: Really skilled player with great basketball body and athleticism, can do it all on the court, impossible to keep out of lane and is a great finisher
  6. Trent Donald- 6'3 PF Woodward: Skilled and strong on the block, good face up guy, relentless rebounder, brings his “A” game against the toughest competition, fills the stat line up
  7. Tim Coleman- 6'1 PG Withrow: Fierce competitor that is tough to guard with his shooting and slashing skills, has great potential but must play with a consistently good mentality
  8. Sterling Gilmore- 5'9 PG Walnut Hills: Very quick and can score with floaters or dish the ball off, deep shooting range, good defender with great attitude and leadership skills
  9. Monty Boykins- 6'3 SG Lakota West: Shooter and complete player, understands the game
  10. Keith Watkins- 6'0 PG Moeller: Good athlete who has a lot of potential, great defender
  11. Ramar Hairston- 6'0 SG Northwest: Glue guy who can also score, competitive defender, fits multiple roles and always seems to rise to the occasion
  12. Mikey Thompson- 6'4 SF Aiken: Big potential once his game comes together, lots of talent. Good athlete who has some decent ball skills, very good left handed scorer
  13. Marquez Carpenter- 6'4 PF West High: Worker down low who can rebound and finish, rapidly improving body and skill set, definitely a sleeper prospect in the city
  14. Deontae Bolling- 5'9 PG St. Xavier: Quick and smart player that dominates on defense and is a versatile offensive threat, great attitude and effort, true jack of all trades
  15. Bryan Porter- 6'2 SG Colerain:Good athleticism and solid ball skills, starting to make a name for himself as a player to watch

    Big Devin Williams is going to be a
    special player at Withrow this year

Honorable Mention: Cortez Adams (C West High), Milt Davis (SG Summit), Corey Wise (SG Hamilton), Joe Cossins (PF Anderson), Dorian Jordan (PG Princeton), Terry Cook (SF Hughes), Kyree Burton (PG Walnut Hills), Kevin Worsham (PF Northwest), Garrett Mayleben (PF Milford), Jalin Marshall (SG Middletown), Dylan Wedlock (SF Lockland), Tyrone Whitehead (SF Woodward), D'Juan Scott (SG Princeton), Isiah Johnson (C Walnut Hills), Alex Blink (SG St. Xavier), Kane Thompson (SF Aiken), Casey Pieper (PF Moeller)

Again, this is a really special class in this city; and the rankings were very difficult. Expect them to change throughout the year, because we have a lot of ranked guys that will be battling against each other for team bragging rights. 
Summit needs a big year out of Kevin
Johnson to put their name on the map.

Check back later today for the last set of player rankings: The diaper dandies- aka- the freshman class.

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