Dec 30, 2012

Time for a Change

After two plus seasons of covering high school basketball in the Cincinnati area we at CPHR are reluctantly coming to you today to announce that we will no longer be running the website.

Unfortunately, time constraints and other basketball related projects have made it so that it is impossible to continue running this site on a consistent basis. The last thing that we would want to do would be to let our information continue to suffer, so we feel as a team that it is simply best to move on towards our other projects.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has ever visited this site, and especially those who have been kind enough to spread the word. One thing that we'll never stop doing as CPHR staff is trying to help young players from the area. We will still be running our statewide scouting based website, Triple Double Prospects, and from time to time plan on dropping scouting reports off of games that we are able to attend in the Cincinnati area. The hope is that with less projects on our plates we'll then have more time to focus on each individual project, such as content on TDP.

CPHR definitely looks at this moment as bittersweet, and the end of an era. As much as it is time for us to move on, we will very much miss every moment of the high school scene; and the purity of the game that is often lacking at other levels of basketball.

Before we sign off there are a few people that we would like to thank for working with us over the years, and for friendships that will last a lifetime. A few names that come to mind are Rich Hoyt, Kurt Stubbs, Ty Kish, Rodger Bohn, John Stovall, Rob Taylor, Tre Potter and Brad Konerman.

Also, we would like to thank the high school coaches, college coaches, AAU coaches, parents, fans and players who have not only frequented this site but also added to it with comments and feedback; it's been an absolute pleasure.

Thank you again for all the pleasant memories, and we look forward to seeing all of you around the city.

Yours truly,

CPHR Staff - Corey Albertson, JB Burgin, Daniel Watkins

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Visited this site several times a week. Best of luck, hope all is well. -Justin