Aug 19, 2012

CPHR is Back!

After spending the summer working on other basketball projects CPHR is back with the new school year to bring you all the best coverage of Cincinnati area high school basketball that readers are used to. Thanks to all those who have bared with us over the summer, and hopefully you are all excited to return to this site. We're starting off the year with highlights from week one of our elite open gym, presented by our partner site Triple Double Prospects.

In year one of our elite open gym's we averaged about 15 players per session. In the first week of year two we had 24 high school players, and 28 total participants, come out to get some run in. Of those players, at least half should eventually become Division I scholarship players at the college level; meaning TDP open gym is the place to be for top players on fall Saturday's.

Besides the four players highlighted here, other standouts from Saturday include: Josh Davenport, Austin Grimes, Kwan Cheatham, Patrick Wrencher, Rozelle Nix, Stedman Lowry, Monty Boykins, Isaiah Jones, Milt Davis, Angel Rivera, Nick Ruthsatz, Tyler Bowling and Dylan Lowry.

Stay tuned for more fall coverage, and more highlights each week from open gym.

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