Jun 4, 2012

Sunday's Results from the State Championships

By staff writer Daniel Watkins

Kevin Johnson

Sunday wrapped up an exciting weekend for the Ohio AAU state championship. No area teams were able to capture any state titles but a lot of good area talent was on display in full force. Here are the top performers and the weekend results 

Kevin Johnson- PG Martin Wolverines: One of the best PG in the state suited up for the Wolverines this weekend. Johnson showed his athleticism and quickness while using his ability to get shots off the dribble to knock down long jumpers.

Tim Coleman- PG Queen City Prophets: The prophet guard came out to play on Sunday showing numerous aspects of his game. Coleman scored at will all afternoon while making plenty of clutch shots. His defensive toughness has stepped up as of late as he came up with some crucial steals and defensive stops Sunday afternoon.

Jaaron Simmons- PG All Ohio Red: One of the main reasons why AOR was able to capture the 17U state AAU title was from the play of Simmons. Playing a steady game all weekend with limited turnovers. Although not putting up huge numbers this weekend AOR offense flows smother while he is on the floor.

Other Weekend Top Performers

Monty Boykins- SG Ohio Phenoms
Terry Cook- PG Shinning star
Louis Maniacci- PF/C Shinning Star
Austin Grimes- SG Queen City Prophets
Devin Williams- PF Queen City Prophets
Marquez Carpenter- SF Queen City Prophets
Isaiah Johnson- PF Cincy Lakers
Milt Davis- PG Club Ohio
Antonio Campbell- PF Club Ohio
Dontonio Wingfield Jr- SG Martin Wolverines

Angel Rivera- PG King James Shooting Stars
Vincent Edwards- SF King James Shooting Stars
Blake Simpson- PF Ohio Phenoms
Martin Jones- SG Ohio Phenoms
Jaevin Cumberland- PG Cincy Lakers
Jeff Larkin- PG Cincy Lakers
Ronnie Rousseau- PG Queen City Prophets
Roderick Mills- SF Queen City Prophets
Kevin Daniels- SG Queen City Prophets
Aaron Oden- SG Shinning Star

Luke Kennard- SG King James Shooting Stars 
Nate Fowler- PF King James Shooting Stars
 AJ Harris- PG King James Shooting Stars
 DaJuan Sherman-PG Queen City Prophets

Championship Results

Semifinalist – Queen City Prophets (3rd), Shinning Stars (Moman)
Runner Up- Martin Wolverines 
State Champions- All Ohio Red

Semifinalists- Ohio Varsity White (3rd), Ohio Phenoms
Runners Up- Shinning Star (Price)
State Champions- All Ohio Red

Semifinalists- King James Shooting Stars (3rd), Queen City Prophets
Runners Up- All Ohio Black
State Champions- All Ohio Red


  1. In 14U, the Cincinnati Lakers won the state.

  2. starting to question the credibilty of this site. Same players being mention week after week. its hard to believe no other players have improved. blake simpson, really. havent seen him do anything in any tourneys all spring. aaron oden wasnt even the third best player on the shining stars team that made it to the finals yet he's mention again. looks like you have to play for the phenoms or queen city prohets is the only way to get any pub from this site. ask around and do better research otherwise you will continue to loose credibility.

  3. Dejuan Sherman 15u queencity can really play...

  4. 15u queen city prophets great job this weekend!! Up and coming team