Apr 6, 2012

New Name but Same Game

AJ Harris
Most people know the Cincinnati Knights class of 2015 team as one of the more feared teams in the nation with their talent, team chemistry, and toughness. This year things have changed a little for the old Knights, but most things have remained the same.

No longer known as the Cincinnati Knights, Coach Glen Galemmo made the decision to go underneath the umbrella of the King James Shooting Stars, one of two Nike sponsored teams in Ohio AAU. Playing as a King James team gives the team more opportunities for exposure and more credibility amongst national recruiting/scouting pundits.

The core of the team remains the same however. PG Amos "AJ" Harris (Dayton Dunbar), wing Luke Kennard (Franklin), and center Nate Fowler (Cincinnati Moeller) are still the big three for Coach Glen while fellow stars like guard MaCio Teague (Florida IMG Academy), point guard Isaiah Jones (Cincinnati Northwest), wing Kyle Ahrens (Versailles), and forward Jaquayles Matlock (KY Hopkinsville) make up the rest of the rotation along with sharpshooter Bubba Galemmo (Cincinnati Moeller).

This past weekend CPHR had a chance to watch the 15u King James team dominate two area teams in their host tournament while playing up in the 16u division, something that Coach Glen plans on doing for most of the season. Below are links to some highlights of the team's top performers from the two games:


  1. You don't have highlights of Kyle ahrnes

  2. Jones is a ok player.....really over rated

  3. No Jones highlights

    1. No Jones highlights?

  4. Look out for sophmore G/F Marcus Bean next season for West High class 2014

  5. I been waiting a long time for the next update...